Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Process

The Citizen may apply for the certificate in the prescribed form (click here to download form) at a Common Service Centre (Akshaya Centre) which is convenient for him/ her. The applicants have to produce necessary documents which will be scanned and uploaded to the system. The application will then be digitally forwarded to the concerned Village Officer/ Tahsildar and a receipt will be issued to the applicant.

The Village Officer/ Tahsildar who receive the application digitally will verify it and do one of the following.

  1. Approve and digitally sign the certificate (The certificate will be ready and can be printed from the Common Service Centres. An SMS will be sent automatically to the applicant)
  2. Return application (The application will be returned to CSC for want of further details/ documents. The CSC can re-submit the application)
  3. Reject application (The application will rejected stating the reason(s))

In all the above cases SMS will be sent to the applicant

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